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The new showings are installed near the first of the quarter.  Each 
coordinator starts to collect artwork for the next showing a month
prior and appreciates having it all in order a week before

Some showings are totally varied; some are in a chosen category.  

All members who are artists are encouraged to participate.
 Watch the AAPA E-blasts for reminders.

 January thru March  -  Joy Pendergast   

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Paintings were loaned to us by area residents so that we could have a tribute exhibit for our beloved teacher. 

Please read the letter below from Bill Levin and the Ruth Levin biography that follows.  Our beloved founder and teacher was quite an amazing woman!

Art Association of Palm Aire

         Thank you so much for your efforts to exhibit some of our mother’s paintings at the PACC. She would dearly love to know of your affection for her and her work. She was terribly proud of you as her students.                

         Ruth paid special attention to the distribution of the paintings she loved the most. She carefully documented which paintings were to go to which members and friends. These lovely paintings are treasured reminders of the life Ruth lived and of the great joy she took in making beautiful things. She would be honored to know that others appreciate the life in the art that she lived.

         This is a brief bio of mom that I hope you could use to inform your members. Again, thank you for your affection for mom. It gives us a great deal of pleasure.

Bill Levin and family




May 1918  --  September, 2010


          Ruth was born in New York in 1918. She was the oldest of three daughters born to Minnie and Charles Bushell and from childhood was an artist. The family joke was that she had “Golden Hands” when it came to the creative arts.


She played the piano, favoring classic solo pieces like Debussy’s “Golliwog’s Cakewalk” and Chopin Etudes, which were challenging for a woman who was less than five feet, with proportionately small hands. She knitted extraordinary items. All the children, grandchildren, friends, their children, grandchildren and who-knows-who-else got gifts of Aran Isle sweaters or complex Afghan blankets from Ruth. She sometimes joked that she could not have knitted so many gifts if she had needed to sleep at night.


She wrote the lyrics for hilarious musicals that were performed by the members of the Long Island NY boat club. She was a talented and dedicated cook. Guests at her dinners in Sarasota knew that her dinners of Paella or Osso Bucco were the “real deal”. She was also a talented and dedicated dress designer. In fact, that is what she did for a living. For nearly 40 years she designed aprons(at first) and then dresses for Levin & Co. which was run by her husband Jess and staffed by numerous family members.


She was infamous for her ability to walk down the fashionable avenues of NYC with a pencil and pad, sketching the newest and most expensive dresses in the boutique windows, with specific plans for how the company would adapt those designs to the budgets of the modest means of America’s department store shoppers, producing four seasons of styles a year. But what she really loved to do was to paint.


          When Jess and Ruth retired to Florida in 1978, she did not really have a plan for what she would do. She soon realized that she could now paint as much as she wished. The flora of Sarasota caught her artist’s eye, the dark fleshy bromeliads and vibrantly colored tropical flowers inspired her to turn out dozens of watercolors.


As her rusty painting skills came back and refined, (she loved the lessons she took from area painters, and was happy to broaden the techniques she had learned so long ago, at Pratt Institute of Design in NY) her paintings got larger and more complex. Soon her wall space ran out and her productions showed up on lucky family and friend’s walls.


She began to paint portraits of her children (Dan, Bill and Alice), grandchildren and friends. She even took up painting portraits of the beloved pets of others, though she had no particular affection for domestic pets (She thought dogs should wear pants).

Eventually, Ruth started to teach watercolors to longtime and newly made friends at Palm Aire where she and Jess lived for many years. As she painted less, she got more and more pleasure from passing on to others the passion for painting that had sustained her for many years. One night she called me (Bill, a teacher in MA.) telling me, “I can’t believe how wonderful teaching is. Now I understand how great your job has been“.  At the end of her life she was particularly happy to tell stories about “my students”.